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Welcome to the Self Made Master Program 

Are you someone looking to have time freedom, earn passive income, build a long-term sustainable Online business & brand by monetizing your interests and passions or simply looking to earn extra money without physically moving?

Maybe you're like I was and you're miserable at your dead-end 9-5/coorperate job.

Hi, I'm Dudley Edouard the CEO of the health and wellness brand Dudleydudzz LLC.  And also the instructor of this program

Just 2 years ago I was a broke college graduate earning a measly $197 every two weeks from my dead-end retail job at Target. I hated every second of my job and would literally feel physically ill when I had to go into work, but guess what? The bills still had to be paid regardless of how I felt. I always had to scramble and find side hustles just to pay the rent.

This left me feeling trapped and hopeless because I knew I didn't want to be there and most importantly, I wasn't fulfilling my dreams. I had two degrees and no guaranteed job. I couldn't believe I went to college for 6 years just to be thousands of dollars in debt with no prominent source of income. That's when I realized that college never showed me how to be my own boss. All college taught me was how to memorize information and be an employee. Imagine what life would be like if you could earn thousands of dollars while you sleep.

How fulfilling would it be to help millions of people around the world by doing what you actually love?  What would you give to wake up every day knowing that you're in total control? Would you travel, help your family pay the bills, would you finally be free and live the life you've always wanted? Ultimately, the choice is yours.

 What Self Made Master Program Will Give You :

✅ Key Guide To Building A Sustainable Online Income(s)

✅Key Guide & Skills To Earn Passive Income

✅Lifetime Access to Self Made Master Course (Drop Out Any Time)

✅Knowledge On Building A Successful Online Brand

✅Vendors, Websites & Sources To Build Your Own Personal Brand & Products

✅Complete Guide To Monetizing Your Social Media Followers For FREE

✅Sources To Beat Algorithms & Rank Your Content

✅Sources To World-Wide Traffic For Your Website/Business

✅Complete Guide To Automating Your Business/ Income So It Runs By Itself

Become Your Own Boss

Self Made Master Course provides all students with lifetime access, interactive discussions, quizzes, and a lucrative opportunity to be their own boss or to simply make additional income every month without physically having to go to work. Work from home or anywhere in the world doing something that you love. Even if you have no desire to run a business, this program will teach you how to earn money online with no loopholes. Get lifetime access and join dozens of happy students and clients!

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Please understand, we do not accept every student.

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Join Hundreds Of Happy Clients!

“Brotha, I just want to thank you for all that you do. My life has changed since enrolling in this program. You find some people that teach you one thing and that's what they're good at, but your methods and mindset have taught me how to truly be free and passionate again. I have added 2 additional streams of income that give me an extra $900- $1500 a month. You don't know how much that's helped me and my family. I'm able to take 1-2 extra days off from work a week now and spend time with my son. Planning on doing this full-time and quitting my job soon! Stay up G”

Desman Jackson

“Dudley you're a gem. You've helped this old lady so much in understanding how to sell things online and how to not put so much pressure on myself. I'm so glad I came across you. I've paid for many courses, but you have such a pure heart and it shows! This year despite everything going on, I've been able to successfully use Facebook & LinkedIn to sell my bracelets & necklaces. Self Made has been such a huge help and I cannot thank you enough. If anyone sees this, don't wait. Enroll now and listen carefully!”

Annette Sherman

“I have been subscribed to your channel for over 2 years and you always help me think bigger than I was told I could. I decided to enroll in your course to learn how to make money online. I didn't know much about laptops or anything fancy. its insane. We've never met but I feel like I know you personally. I work as an independent contractor and I barely have time to actually enjoy myself. You've changed my life and mindset in so many ways from spiritual, fitness to even my finances. Because of you, I've started an online consulting business, and 15 weeks in, I'm earning just under $5k a month profit! Thank you so much, Dudley! God Bless you!”

Steven Farmer

“Hello my name is Brine’ and I've been watching your videos. One in particular transformed my life when you discussed 888 and the ability to manifest abundance. it literally had me in tears. I’m 26 with 3 daughters and I’ve been homeless living in hotels for months now and I’m at point in my life where I’m trying to transition myself spiritually. I woke up the other morning with $8.88 on my work card that had a balance of 0 the previous day! I want to thank you for Self Made Program. You laid everything out perfectly and showed me how to make money from anywhere and that I don't have to be stuck at a dead-end job.”

Brine’ Gonzalez

“Just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE what you're doing. Thank you for putting your content out there. I see a lot of influencers and people online, and I have to be honest, your content really resonated with me. I love how health, energy, servitude, and abundance is at the forefront of your content. I'm very big on energy, and I know I've already said thank you, but I don't say that alot lol... so THANK YOU!”

Founder & Ceo of Jetpack (Million Dollar Company)

Fatima Dicko

“Dudley, Love what you’re doing. Consumed some of your content on Youtube and it provided tons of value. I love young entrepreneurs like you.”

Celebrity Marketing Consultant

Paul Getter

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If you are lazy, unwilling to work hard for your freedom, or unwilling to learn something new that can change & transform your life forever. We are only accepting qualified students who are dedicated to creating their own business and or earning money while they sleep from doing what they love. If you have uncertainty about making money online or about building your own legitimate business & brand, this may not be the course for you. However, if you are a qualified student and know you've got what it takes to earn thousands while you sleep, join others who have enrolled. We are only accepting the first 40 students. Seats are not guaranteed. Nor do we state that they are. Pre Can't afford $497? No pressure, we offer a payment plan at just 2 easy payments of $279.

✅FREE Bonus Material

  • Bonus Material

    FREE Expansion off of social media lecture valued at $247. Complete guide to expanding your business and brand off social media.

  • Bonus Material

    FREE Guide & tools that can drive worldwide traffic to your website and business valued at $347. Learn how to establish a presence worldwide.

  • Bonus Material

    FREE Psychology of sales lecture valued at $297. Learn how to understand clients on an emotional and intuitive level.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Chapter 1

    • Introduction

    • What Do You Love Vs What Do You Know?

    • Monetizing Your Knowledge & Passion

    • Building An Online Presence (The Right Way)

  • 02

    Chapter 02

    • Leveraging YouTube To Explode Your Business

    • How To Build A Personal Brand

    • Negotiating Brand Deals & Contracts (What They Don't Tell You)

  • 03

    Chapter 03

    • Expanding Off Of Social Media

    • Connecting Emotionally With Your Audience

    • Building A Tribe (Reoccurring Customers)

  • 04

    Chapter 04

    • Automating Your Business

    • Creating Passive Income (Money While You Sleep)

    • Why Many Online Entrepreneurs Fail (Prevent This)

  • 05

    Chapter 05

    • Hiring Employees & Maximizing Your Time

    • Writing Everything Off On Your Taxes

    • The Bigger Picture

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Why You Should Enroll In This Course?

Self Made Master Course is for people who are not satisfied at their corporate job, those who are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, people who may be financially secure, but are a slave to their jobs, and or simply for individuals who want to live a meaningful life by serving the masses doing something that they're actually passionate about while getting paid handsomely. If you yearn to have time freedom and financial abundance, apply to become a student today. This course is valued at $1,399 but today's price is %65 off. Enroll now to reserve your seat.